Our world today revolves around data. Everything we do in life is data related…in business, with friends, with family. Data is essentially the science of people. There is a person behind each and every piece of data collected. Each person is unique, and it’s necessary to study that uniqueness. Our data-driven economy demands that you know and understand your customer’s needs, wants, likes, and dislikes to provide dynamic and personalized products and services.

AC&C Media Group has a multitude of services available to help increase the value of your data:

  • Data Sales
  • Database Management Platform
  • Data Enhancement
  • Data Hygiene
  • Data Management


We generate fresh consumer leads through our web properties nationwide as well as internationally. Prospective customers have responded with interest to a particular type of product or service, and requested to be contacted with more information.


  • Health – with a main focus on Diabetic
  • Auto Warranty
  • Finance
  • Education

Leads include data points such as name, address, gender, email address, phone, household income.


After years in the marketing industry, our team has developed a top-notch, proprietary Database Management Platform. Our experience allowed us to know exactly what we needed to get the job done in an efficient, productive manner for us, as well as our clients and partners. When you’re dealing with millions of records, ease of use, security, and accurate, expedited turn-around is required. Our platform is key to maximizing the value of your database.

  • Manage your existing database or create and customize a new database
  • Query the database for demographic and behavioral markers
  • Real-time data collection from lead generation applications to allows immediate access to fresh leads
  • Integrate seamlessly with our Data Hygiene and Date Enhancement services
  • CRM Management
  • Secure hosting on our cloud servers
  • Fully accessible from any location – PC or mobile device
  • User friendly interface

Don’t waste any more time using subpar systems, get started today with our Database Management Platform!


intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of

Who wouldn’t want to improve the quality of their database? Every so often, you need to tweak your database. You may be missing crucial information that might help improve your customer relationships and marketing efforts. Or you may have outdated information that is causing you to lose contact with your customers.

Email Append Service
AC&C will compare your customer database with our database, and add the corresponding email address to your file.

Reverse Email Append
It is always useful to have the name and postal address of your customers. You may wish to target your customers by location or send them direct mail offers.

Demographic & Behavioral Data Append
Often, your database is missing key elements that are important to understanding who your customer is. We offer multiple data points which can be matched to your customer’s individual record and added to their record.

Demographics such as name, postal address, phone number, email address, gender, income, marital status, occupation, education can be appended to your database.

Behavioral characteristics include: hobbies/interests, political affiliation,

Our Quality Control Team ensures that our database is impeccably maintained and is updated on a regular basis. We also apply our Data Hygiene component to all data. contains valid email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses which are updated on a regular basis.


Data monetization depends upon the hygiene of your database.

One critical element of our Data Hygiene service is the use of Data Mapping. Data Mapping is a type of Data Dictionary that specifies the particular attributes of a data field from one database and how it corresponds to the data field in a second database. This is important in maintaining the data integrity.


AC&C Media often enters into Data Management relationships with our partners. This is mutually beneficial to both parties involved. Either party may have a need for a particular database that the other party owns, and we’ll work together to maximize the revenue potential for that database.